The legal framework for the online gambling market

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More and more people are enjoying online casino games, and gambling from a computer or smartphone brings with it certain risks: you have to entrust your finances to a gambling provider. A sign of the seriousness and fairness of the casino is the license issued by a gaming authority. 

Obviously, many players find the casino trustworthy, not least because of the existing gaming license. What requirements do gambling providers worldwide have to meet in order to obtain licenses and how is the online gambling market regulated in different countries? We will answer these and other questions in this article!

Gambling policies in different countries

gaming authority

Each country has its own gambling regulations. In some countries, casinos and sports betting are even banned by law. In countries that allow gambling, gambling operators must have licenses to operate legally. You can usually purchase them from the responsible gaming authority if you meet strict requirements and requirements.

But it’s not just about a business license: the focus of regulation is player protection. In order to acquire a license, the casino is checked by the authorities for seriousness, fairness and compliance with data protection. Gambling authorities control and monitor several aspects: fairness of payout rates, good and tested software that cannot be manipulated, secure payment methods, SSL encryption, data protection, player protection, gambling addiction prevention, share capital and financial reserves.

As already mentioned, there are no uniform guidelines for online casinos worldwide. However, there are internationally known gaming authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), whose licenses also apply to other countries. The legal framework is very imprecise: each country has its own gambling regulation, and there is also overarching EU gambling regulation. However, you have to read the regulations of the individual countries for precise information.

Do gambling licenses make gambling safer? License requirements

Since it is not at all easy to acquire a gambling license, providers with a license are considered absolutely reliable and safe. Regulation of online gambling is very important because people gamble online anonymously. As a player you regularly take big risks. Of course, every license has its own special features and the costs can vary, but they are usually in the five-figure range. In addition to the high licensing costs, casino operators must show financial reserves in order to receive the green light.

It is important that licensed online casinos are not only safe, but also have many other advantages. Well-known game manufacturers cooperate with licensed providers, and you will not find any original games in a casino without a license. Licensed casinos always do better than the black sheep of the industry when it comes to the range of games they offer.

Getting a gambling license in Germany: how does it work exactly?

gaming authority

At this point we will look at how you can obtain a German gambling license. The application is submitted to the Federal Center for Health Education. If a license is granted to the casino, the casino must pay a fee of 16,500. In addition, the casino should of course have the necessary financial resources. If you want to operate an online casino in Germany, you should definitely consider the German license: not all foreign gaming licenses are accepted nationwide in Germany.


The regulation of online casinos is not an easy topic: every country has its own guidelines. In order to be able to offer games legally, the casino should have its gaming license, which has strict requirements. Only choose licensed and reputable casinos to play at!

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