Self-exclusion in online casinos: Is this measure helpful against gambling addiction?

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Every licensed licensed casino should provide information about the dangers of gambling addiction and the harms of gambling and offer users the opportunity to self-exclude or limit their participation in gambling. You can either do this yourself or contact the support team. The online casino takes various measures against gambling addiction. Since gambling addiction is unfortunately a very burning issue for gamblers, we have decided to address the topic of self-exclusion in virtual casinos below.

What is Self-Exclusion at Online Casinos?

Every trustworthy casino has the option of self-exclusion. A player can have their profile temporarily blocked using a special button or through customer service. But a lot of resources go to the players and can unblock the profile upon a personal request. Therefore, it is better to create multiple profiles on the resource. Then you’ll just be afraid to make a deposit there so that you don’t get banned for owning multi-accounts. Of course the method is so bad. A player will always find an alternative casino if he wants. However, you can block all payment systems and delete electronic accounts. The lack of bank cards has not yet died. Pensioners live somehow.

Does self-exclusion make sense against gambling addiction?

Online Casinos

So you’ve realized that you’re gambling too often. But will the “self-exclusion” option help to change the situation. It is impossible to find anyone in the gambling community who this feature has helped to stop gambling. There are thousands of online casinos on the Internet, so if you get blocked on one site, you can find another source in a minute. Accounts are blocked, usually due to large losses, anger at a particular casino, and other negative aspects.

The thought “I’ll never play again” is short-term. And the very next day or the same day, the player logs in to another website. Therefore, impulsive self-exclusion does not mean the games are over. A visit to the casino should not take place at the time of losing the receipt. A good way not to stay in absolute zeros – to set limits on the size of the deposit, losses, winnings, time of the game. But few people use such an option in practice. The thing is that after losing, you can still have a terrible thirst to win again. And if you can’t play on one resource, you will choose another.

Sometimes self-exclusion can be helpful. If you have won a large sum of money but want to cancel the withdrawal to keep spinning the reels, self-exclusion is a good helper. However, this measure will not solve the problem of gambling addiction. Self-exclusion should therefore be based on a well-considered decision to stop gambling.


Online Casinos

If the player has chosen to self-exclude, it is important that they make sure that the casino is not affiliated with any other sites. There are often cases when the user brought money, ripped off the dough, and then receives the message about the block, which he himself ordered on another resource. The self-locking function will hardly help a person addicted to gambling. This disease should be treated.

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