Measures Taken to Safeguard Punters’ Funds and Personal Details 

Security Protocols

Security remains a paramount issue of concern in all aspects of the gambling industry, both online and land-based. As the industry continues to grow, innovations that pose a threat to punters are also coming to light. Bettors who wager on online gambling platforms are at much greater risk than others. These platforms are targets of hackers whose sole intention is to access bettors’ funds and personal information. 

When wagering online, it pays to be vigilant as several shady bookmakers are operating in the industry. Therefore, it is vital for bettors to know the key traits and features to watch out for when registering for a bookmaker. Easy identification of a top-notch bookmaker will save you from any dangers in the future. These quality bookmakers employ a lot of safety protocols to ensure the complete protection of their customers. A few of the measures employed by these platforms to safeguard their customers include: 

Account Verification 

Security Protocols

Creating an account on an online sports betting platform is very easy, but to secure your account extra steps must be taken. In order to protect your bet account, you must complete the verification process. Each platform has its verification process. In most cases, it involves confirming the verification mail that will be sent to your email address. Verifying your account at 22Bet involves providing some documents in order to prove your identity. Once you have completed this process, it becomes difficult for a third party to access your account.


Registering with an unlicensed bookmaker puts you at a lot of risk because these platforms are unregulated. The function of a gaming license is to regulate and monitor the operations of these bookmakers. If these platforms are allowed to run wild without any regulatory oversight, it could lead to havoc. A game license provides these platforms with a set of regulatory protocols that they must satisfy before offering their services to the general public. 

Regular Audits

Security Protocols

Online betting platforms are subject to audits by regulatory agencies to ensure their operations are in accordance with the law. It ensures the bookmaker maintains fairness in its operations and upholds all security measures for its safe day-to-day operations. In addition, these audits also scrutinize the platform’s software algorithms to confirm the integrity of its games. By verifying the algorithm it helps prove that each game’s RTP is not biased towards the house.

Top-Notch Payment Options 

The quality of the payment method in a bookmaker plays a crucial role in the security of bettors’ funds. Poor quality deposit and withdrawal methods make bettors become easy targets for hackers. The poor security measures employed by these payment providers grant easy external access to third-party authorities. For this reason, most pro bettors prefer using bank transfers for their transactions. However, it is a slow method of payment. 

Payment options in top bookmakers are usually diverse thus giving bettors a plethora of choices. This enables bettors to choose the one that they feel is secure and comfortable. Therefore, before selecting any payment provider always confirm its authenticity and security protocols. 

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